Extension Cables


Due to the vast range of Thermocouple and RTD extension cables available, only a selection of the most common types has been displayed.

Thermocouple cables are commonly available in two forms, referred to as "Extension" or "Compensating" cables. Extension cables are manufactured from conductors having the same nominal composition as those of the corresponding thermocouple.

 Compensating cables are manufactured from materials of different compositions, commonly copper based. Compensating cables provide a lower cost alternative, but typically have wider tolerances and lower temperature ranges over which those output tolerances apply.

 Care should be excercised when using compensating cables where temperature gradients exist at connections between dis-similar materials, and customers are advised to determine which they are buying or using.

All the thermocouple cables shown are extension grade cables and in-house testing procedures ensure all our Thermocouple Extension cables meet the output and tolerance requirements of the appropriate standards.

 Resistance thermometer cables are all copper based conductor cables. The choices of wire are normally determined by the operating temperature compatible with the insulating materials. Most commonly 7/.2mm diameter (24 AWG) cables are fitted to our RTDs, however larger cross-section cables, and where physically demanded, smaller cables are also commonly used.

Full traceability is available on our cable products.