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Connector Construction:

Connector bodies are manufactured from glass filled high quality thermoplastic for applications up to 200°C and thermoset material for applications up to 350°C. High temperature connectors, for use up to 650°C, are manufactured from high purity ceramic material.

The pin and socket contacts of the connectors have original thermocouple material for all common calibrations, (R, S, B & C have compensated materials) and standard size connectors are available with solid or hollow pin construction.

Copper contacts are are available RTD (PRT, Pt100) circuits.


The connectors are available in the following calibrations, coded:-  K, N, J, T, E, U, R/S, C & B

(When ordering, suffix order ref. code with the appropriate calibration).

Pos.leg NiCr NiCrSi Fe Cu NiCr Cu Cu CPX Cu
Neg.leg NiAl NiSi CuNi CuNi CuNi Cu Alloy#11 CNX Cu

Polarized pins ensure proper connection for both miniature flat pin and standard round pin connectors.

Colour Coding:

 200°C rated connectors colour coded in accordance with the various standards as follows:-

Standards K N J T E U R/S C B
ANSI Yellow Orange Black Blue Violet White Green Red Grey
IEC Green Pink Black Brown Violet White Orange Red Grey
DIN Green Blue Brown White Grey

Duplex mini and standard connectors are supplied with either a colour coded body, or white with a colour coded dot.

350°C rated connectors, e.g. order ref. MTZC, MTZD, MTZE & MTZF have a brown body colour with the calibration printed on the cover.

650°C ceramic connectors, e.g. order ref. HTZC, HTZD, HTZE & HTZF have a white body with a colour coded dot.

Connectors supplied in ANSI colour code unless otherwise stated.

Suffix order ref. - IEC if required.


We offer a selection of panels for the Mini and Standard Panel Insert Thermocouple connectors (order ref. ZDPIN and ZFPIN), which are made from anodised aluminium for full corrosion protection and come with scratch resistant circuit identification.

Panels can be supplied with or without sockets fitted.

A variety of sockets and fixings are also available for other panels.

In addition, full wiring looms to any configuration, complete with all circuit identification at both ends of the looms can be supplied with a full in-house test proceedure carried out to all assemblies prior to leaving our workshops.

Due to the flexibility of our manufacturing processes we are confident we can offer you your exact requirements in panel assemblies.

For further details or advice, please contact our Sales team