Tip Sensitive RTD



R02 Tip Sensitive RTD

Minimum dia. 3.0mm.

Similar to style R01 but manufactured with a flat tip giving good thermal contact.



R12 Tip Sensitive RTD

Resistance probe which has been designed for the monitoring of temperature within bearing thrust pads.

Refer to style R27 below for alternative upgraded probe type.


R13 Tip Sensitive RTD

Resistance probe similar in application and construction to R12 above but given a separate ref. no. to indicate the optimum ratio of length/diameter.


R20 Tip sensitive TEE rtd

TIP-SENSITIVE 'TEE' Resistance probe assembly, designed for monitoring temperatures within bearing thrust pads, enabling the extension cable to sit at right angles without any undue strain or tension taking place at this junction.


R21 Tip Sensitive RTD

A parallel version of style R20 above, also having an oil seal barrier incorporated within D1 dia.


R27 Tip Sensitive RTD

'UNIVERSAL', tip-sensitive PRT, with the overbraid and/or oversheath of selected ext. cables potted within the probe end.

The minimum probe diameter for a simplex circuit is 3.2mm and 4.0mm for a duplex.

Oil seal barriers are optional and may be incorporated in any position.

R34 R34 Tip Sensitive RTD

Tip sensitive imbedded Bearing RTD available with a St. St., Brass or White Metal coated body.

With a Simplex or Duplex circuit and in class 'A' or 'B' circuit accuracy.

Can be supplied with or without an oil-seal barrier. Up to a maximum operating temperature of 260°C.

Spring & retaining clip supplied with probe if oil-seal is fitted. A range of lead options are available.

R35 R35 Tip Sensitive RTD

Tip sensitive, fluid monitoring RTD with a maximum cold end seal operating temperature of 230°C.

Can be supplied with or without connector and is available with a St. St. or Titanium body.