Ord. Ref. Exhaust System




TC01 Standard Thermocouple Assembly The Thermocouple illustrated and referred to as style TC01 is the most popular style manufactured by Universal Thermosensors and has the merit of being able to accept the variations of sizes and materials demanded by individual users.

This style, like many of the others shown, can be supplied with additional features, such as oil seal barriers fitted to the extension cable, or with a plug fitted.

See our Extension Cable and Connectors section for further details.


TC11 High temperature Pad style

PAD Style with a mineral insulated thermocouple welded onto a pad, which in turn may be welded, brazed or screwed onto the surface of a pipe, tube, vessel or any other surface.


TC13 Reduced Tip Thermocouple For use where the hot junction is required to have less mass, therefore reduced response time, but with a robust larger diameter probe for mounting and connection to the instrumentation.
TC14 TC14 Reduced tip Thermocouple without connection Similar to TC13 above but cold end suitable to be assembled directly into a Junction Head or terminating into a connector.


TC15 Gas temperature Monitoring Thermocouple STAGNATION thermocouple, for monitoring temperatures in gas streams. The probe may be supplied with a variety of dimensions and fittings to suit each customers needs.

May be supplied straight or pre-bent.


TC18 Pre bent Thermocouple Manufactured with a pre-set bend to avoid any undue tension or strain on the cable.

Mineral insulated cable can be bent by the customer (minimum inside bend radius 2 x cable diameter) but it is sometimes convenient and prefferable to have the probe pre-bent. The advantages of this type of probe are to distance the extension cable from excessive heat sources and to allow fitting in a confined space.

TC27 TC27 Catalyst thermocouple

CATALYST style with a fixed shim plate at the 'hot' end and a moveable rear shim for positioning at a convenient location.

This probe is being used for measuring high temperature exhaust system 'skin' temperatures.

TC36 TC36 High temperature surface thermocouple

High temperature surface probe or DEW POINT probe as above, for welding directly to any suitable surface.