Thermocouple Circuit

Thermocouple circuit

Typical Mineral Insulated (MI) Thermocouple

Typical M.I. Thermocouple

There are a number of features to consider when deciding the type of Thermocouple required:

The Style of the completed assembly (e.g. UTL ref: TC01 to TC36) 

The outside diameter of the M.I. sheath (e.g. 0.25mm to 9.55mm) 

The sheath material (i.e. over what temperature range and in what environment will the probe be operating)

The type of Thermocouple wire combination (e.g. K,E,J,T,N,R,S,AE) 

Which wire junction is required (e.g. Simplex, Duplex or Triplex)

The style of hot end junction (e.g. Insulated, Grounded or Exposed) 

The length of the probe

The style of cold end junction (e.g. Pot seals, Primary seals or flexible) 

If a junction head is required

If an extension lead is required (e.g. UTL ref: L1 to L95)

The length of extension lead

If the extension lead requires an additional mechanical protection in the form of flexible conduit

If a connector is required for the probe or extension lead (e.g. Mini, standard or multi-pin)

If an Oil seal barrier is required (e.g. UTL ref: OB) 

If compression fittings are required with the probe assembly