Thermocouple Hot Junction Styles



Schematic Description


'N' insulated style of hot junction
Simplex thermocouple with Insulated hot junction, giving protection against stray voltages, also allows for a full-check of insulation resistance after completion of manufacture.


Simplex grounded junction
Simplex thermocouple with Grounded hot junction. The hot junction weld is incorporated in the cap weld closure, providing a faster temperature response than an insulated hot junction. Not recommended in high temperature, highly corrosive environments. Insulation resistance and sheath integrity cannot be checked electrically after manufacture.


'E' extended style of hot junction
Simplex thermocouple with an Exposed hot junction, allowing for a very fast response.


'N2' duplex insulated hot junction
Duplex, Insulated thermocouple giving the same advantages as the insulated simplex version but allowing for two independent signals to be read simultaneously for control and/or monitoring/alarm.


'N3' triplex insulated hot junction
As N2 above but providing three insulated hot junctions.


'G2' duplex grounded hot junction
Duplex, Grounded thermocouple have the same characteristics as G above but providing two simultaneous signals.


'G3' triplex grounded hot junction
As G2 above but providing three grounded hot junctions.